Keco: 1 Pound Mini Hail Slide Hammer

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The KECO 1lb Mini Hail Slide Hammer has been specially designed to bring you a lightweight, ergonomic slide hammer that can deliver powerful, controlled pulls. This classic tool maximizes comfort by reducing hand and wrist strain making it ideal all-day use by PDR and body repair professionals.

  • Ergonomic Handles – Designed with comfort in mind, the ergonomic handle allows for precise pulls without the risk of hand fatigue or pinched fingers
  • 1 Pound Weight – Lightweight enough for comfortable all-day use but powerful enough to pull medium to large dents
  • Compatibility – Specially designed head works with your favorite standard sized hail tabs from Keco, A1, Anson and more
  • 1-Year Warranty – We stand behind our products with a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty


8 in stock

8 in stock