ELIM A DENT: Cordless Glue Gun for DeWalt Battery

Code: SXnp

Elim A Dent Cordless Glue Gun Powered by Dewalt
(Battery & Charger Not Included)

This glue gun is powered by Dewalt 20v batteries. We recommend 3.0 ah or higher battery capacity.


Dual Temp 375f High 325f Low

LED indicator for battery status
(Green Level ok) (Red 5 Min Shut Off warning)

LED indicator for Low/High Temp setting

USB 2 amp output for charging usb 5v devices
(Like Cell Phones)

12v bypass to operate glue gun from 12v source
(Like vehicle battery)

Ergonomic feel with easy trigger pull

1 Hour per ah of battery run time on High setting
( 4 hours of operation on 4 ah battery using high setting)
Increased run time on low setting


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