EDGY TOOLS: Push Perfect Magnum XL Hanger

Code: vZks

The Magnum Hangers ™ are the biggest, baddest leverage hangers on the PDR market. Of course they include the same Patent Application Pending design features as the regular sized Push Perfect Hangers so they will provide the same superior pushing power without destroying the factory hole. The difference is that they have a looser hole to accommodate a larger rod. Most hail rods and breakdown bars have more girth so that they will not bend under the extreme force of pushing dents a long way away. The Magnum Hanger ™ works great with the regular hanger! Yes, you can stack them to get just the right angle! We made sure that the Magnum Hangers would hook right into a Regular Hanger so you don’t lose any versatility. The right angle is very important to having the correct leverage and power for a perfect push!


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