Dent Stuff: Carbon Fiber Rod Small 2.0


This is a first of its kind rod that uses a patent pending clamp, bearing and groove design that both keeps it from extending/retracting when tight but also keeps from spinning or twisting (the downfall of earlier telescoping rods) with zero play or wiggle.  The head will accept 4 tips.  One tip angles forward, one tip angles back,  These are all hand assembled from U.S. carbon fiber and machined in the USA.  These rods accept accessories from several other popular rods. (Handles, cutters, whale tails, etc.)  Available in Original 6 foot extended 1.125″ diameter outer tube  and XL 8 ft extended 1.375 ” diameter outer tube.   These will save your shoulder from stress and fatigue seen from using other rods with flex, play and wiggle.  

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