Aussie PDR: Bloody Orange – Variety Pack 16 Piece

Code: 2cFB

Aussie PDR Bloody Orange glue tabs master variety pack comes with a total of 16 pieces, one of each of the slick face round glue tabs and one of each of the grooved round dent removal tabs. This amazing glue pulling set also comes with 1 each of the smooth oval dent repair tabs and one each of the oblong tabs in the Aussie PDR bloody Orange glue tab line, for a total of 16 pieces. These amazing new glue tabs are made from a flexible, strong plastic that resists breaking and gives an incredibly strong glue pull. These dent repair tabs were designed by PDR technicians in Australia for PDR technicians. We did extensive testing on this new plastic to ensure you get the best dent removal glue tab possible.


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