EDGYTOOLS: “PimpDaddy Tab Caddy” Glue Tab Tote


EDGYTOOLS: “PimpDaddy Tab Caddy” Glue Tab Tote


The revolutionary Tab Tote™ is changing the way PDR Techs glue pull!

Now mobile techs can grab their TabTote™ and be fully set up and ready for action. Simply pull it out of the bag and grab your glue gun and you are all set! Just turn the EdgyGator Head Latch and lower the shelf! All of your glue tabs are already loaded and organized.

With several Utility Patent Applications pending, this new device holds glue tabs in a way never done before! Simple yet genius, these slots easily slide any size glue tab in and out for quick draw action. Keep your tabs organized, easy to see and grab, while offering burn protection. The TabTote™ puts your glue tabs where you need them; either hang it on the car (yes, right on the car), on your dent light, or mount it to your tool cart.

  • No More Painful and Damaging Twisting and Turning
  • No More Burned Fingers
  • No More Buckets or Tupperware Full of Tabs to Sift Through
  • No More Making 7 Trips to the Truck to Get Everything You Need
  • Right or Left Handed Operation

Develop your own system that works for you to save you tons of time and effort!

Hail Chasers, this will make rails a pleasure. No more turning around to your cart that is behind you to grab your tabs and glue gun, then again for your mini-lifter, then again for your alcohol. Over and over. Now everything is right in front of you, exactly where you need it!!!

Set Contains:

1 Tab Tote™
1 Neoprene Carrying Case
Note: Does not include U-Bolts or mounting screws which can be purchased at any hardware store (This is not meant to be like the old batteries not included trick, but simply to save a little cost for techs who will not use them and because dent lights and carts are all different. Besides, everybody loves using the straps!)

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